A culture in the making

What do you think of when you think of ‘Christian Media’? For a lot of people, Christian media has been seen as corny, lacks depth, and honestly, comes across as unrelatable. I’m not saying all Christian media is this way. In fact, recently there have been some pretty incredible projects released. That doesn’t mean we don’t need more. Culture changes when a particular idea becomes commonplace. loveLocal is a digital network dedicated to creating content that points people to the amazing truths about Who God is, what He has done, who we are, and what our response should be. We believe entertainment and education are vital to shaping a new culture within the Church.

Just a mustard seed

The hard truth about what we are trying to accomplish here at loveLocal is that we are about the size of a mustard seed in an industry that churns out thousands of hours of content almost every single minute of every single day. But as we know with the mustard seed, it can grow and become much bigger. I’m not trying to become the largest, most powerful network in the world, but I desire for loveLocal to be recognized as a network that consistently creates solid gospel focused content.

A Christian network for all ages

While we are starting out small with our pilot series, Mission + Likeness, it is our hope that we will be able to begin creating and releasing a variety of different content types for all ages. From comedy series to documentaries and original music to kids shows, we have no shortage of content to produce. Our desire is to build a network that has something for everyone.

Your part in loveLocal

We all have a part in God’s perfect plan and I believe part of the Great Commandment and Commission is to come together with fellow believers and grow closer to Jesus together and to take the gospel into our local communities. You have a part in loving local. We would love to be a network where you can grow closer to God, be challenged, laugh, and be motivated to live out the gospel each and every day. There are three ways in which you can partner and support loveLocal. Consider becoming a local today.