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We Don’t Talk Anymore | The 306 Podcast | 0204

We Don’t Talk Anymore… Why Not? My personal belief is that one of the major issues facing our nation and the world today is that we don’t talk to each other anymore. Instead, we demand that everyone share our exact same thoughts and beliefs and we expect them to listen to us OR ELSE! It’s […]

Midterm Elections… the truth about what will happen… | The 306 Podcast S02E03

Midterm Elections… the truth about what will happen. The midterm elections are just around the corner and both sides are amped up to win and make true on all those promises… right? Maybe. I think it’s great that people are all gung-hoe about the election and saying how horrible the other side is, but I […]

The Swamp Series on Facebook | The 306 Podcast S01E12 #loveLocal

The Swamp is a new documentary series is being released on Facebook by filmmaker Matt Whitworth and it’s about how corrupt and poisoned our political system is. I know, surprise. surprise. But this series explains exactly what we have kind of known for a while. We are no longer a true democratic republic that sends […]