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Abcde gets apology from Southwest Airlines for making fun of her name | The 306 Podcast S02E06

Southwest Airlines Agent Makes Fun of Girl Named Abcde. Southwest Airlines has issued an apology after an agent made fun of a 5 year old girls name which is Abcde (Ab-city). I talk about that and a lot more on this weeks episode of The 306 Podcast! Watch our last podcast: Become a local! http://facebook.com/lovelocalpa […]

Being a Liberal Makes You Psychotic? // Struggles of Being a Dad | The 306 Podcast S02E05

Being a Liberal Makes You Psychotic? // Struggles of Being a Dad So this week has been a cluster of a week. I’ve been sick, my son has been sick, winter weather is here and being Liberal makes you more psychotic… All this and more on this episode of The 306 Podcast. Catch up on […]

We Don’t Talk Anymore | The 306 Podcast | 0204

We Don’t Talk Anymore… Why Not? My personal belief is that one of the major issues facing our nation and the world today is that we don’t talk to each other anymore. Instead, we demand that everyone share our exact same thoughts and beliefs and we expect them to listen to us OR ELSE! It’s […]

Midterm Elections… the truth about what will happen… | The 306 Podcast S02E03

Midterm Elections… the truth about what will happen. The midterm elections are just around the corner and both sides are amped up to win and make true on all those promises… right? Maybe. I think it’s great that people are all gung-hoe about the election and saying how horrible the other side is, but I […]

Disconnecting from Social Media and 24/7 News | The 306 Podcast S02E02

Disconnecting from Social Media and 24/7 News A couple months ago I found myself just consumed with news, social media and glued to my phone. This wasn’t healthy. I asked a friend of mine why he seemed so much happier than me. His response? “I’m just trying to do life with others” Over the last […]

What Makes a Sin a Sin? // Grace Students Podcast // 03

What Makes a Sin a Sin? What makes a sin a sin? Are all sins the same for all people? It’s not exactly a cut and dry answer. Bryan and Scott discuss that on this episode of the Grace Students podcast. Watch our last podcast here ▶︎ https://youtu.be/tZgJocVJ7L0  

How to Make Friends [via Buzzfeed] | The 306 Podcast S01E13 #loveLocal

Making friends isn’t easy. A couple weeks ago I made a poor joke about how if you don’t have any really good friends, sorry about your luck, you should go find them. Wasn’t really funny at all. I know, because until now, I’ve had a really hard time making friends. This week I thought I […]

Could You Completely Disconnect? | The 306 Podcast S01E09 #loveLocal

Have you ever thought about selling everything you have and buying some land out in the middle of nowhere and just living off the land? I mean completely disconnecting from the world? I have. Unfortunately, though, I will then think about what it would take to survive out in the wilderness and quickly realize I […]