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Getting Organized // Thought Spot // 003

How to Get Organized How do digital marketers stay organized? With meetings, video shoots, graphics to create, posting to do and ads to run, how can we keep track of it all? Not to mention, that’s just our work schedule. Then we have our home life, friend life and other things we are involved in. […]

How to Market to Gen Z // Thought Spot // 102

Is Gen Z part of your target market? Are you trying to figure out how to market to Gen Z? In this podcast I talk with our new intern Ben about how businesses can capture the attention of Gen Z’ers by using social media and video. If you like this video, please give it a […]

Simples Changes that make a Big Impact // Thought Spot // 001

We are making BIG Changes that are pretty simple actually I recently made some pretty big, yet simple, changes to my company, Visual Element Media. I realized that we had our hands into too many different things and that we needed to refocus our services on what we absolutely love doing. That turned out to […]

Leaving a Legacy [Season 1 Finale] | The 306 Podcast S01E30

How to leave a legacy for the next generation What kind of legacy are you trying to leave? Why are you wanting to leave a legacy in the first place? In this episode of The 306 Podcast Scott shares his thoughts on legacies. Catch up on some other podcasts: ☞ https://youtu.be/yknUINzQzK0 Become a local! Connect […]

What Does ‘Hard Work’ Mean? | The 306 Podcast S01E29

What Does It Mean to Work Hard? You hear it all the time, ‘You have to work hard!”, but what does it even mean? Over the years, I’ve been trying to figure out exactly what hard work means. From my experience, I thought it was putting in a lot of time an effort and then […]

How to Overcome Shame | The 306 Podcast S01E28

Overcome Shame Shame, regret & embarrassment are major issues that leaders face both personally and with individuals they are leading. How do you effectively lead them and help them overcome that shame? Pastor Micah Marshall of Refuge Youth Network joins Scott this week to provide some solutions and what effects our communities would have if […]

Make the most of a bad situation | The 306 Podcast S01E27

Make the Most of a Bad Situation I’m back from Texas and getting ready to leave for a beach vacation with my wife and two boys. My boys have been begging for a beach vacation for over a year now. When we told them this spring we were going to the beach, they have asked […]

Make the Most of Your Vacation | The 306 Podcast S01E26

How to Make the Most of Your Vacation Have you ever needed a vacation? I did. I felt so worn out and lacking creativity. My wife and I have been working a lot lately and really needed some time to reconnect. Thankfully, we had that opportunity this week and I’ll share just what we did […]

I Can’t Lead Without My Wife | The 306 Podcast S01E25

I Can’t Lead Without My Wife As my wife is away this week at a conference in Dallas, Texas, I’m at home running my two businesses, maintaining the house and caring for our two boys. During the past few days, I’ve come to realize just how important and dependent I am on my wife’s leadership […]