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Relationships Part 3: Benefits and Struggles of Romantic Relationships // GSP // 22

Benefits and Struggles of Romantic Relationships What are the signs that you are finding too much satisfaction in your relationship? Yeah, you can put too much satisfaction in your relationship. We’re not saying your relationship shouldn’t be satisfying because it totally should. Especially marriage relationships. But, if your relationship is taking away from your ultimate […]

Thanksgiving. What Am I Thankful For? // Conviction 05

Do you have anything to be thankful for? How to be Thankful on Thanksgiving. It can be something we easily overlook. I mean, there is food, family, friends and football so what else is there to be thankful for? I would argue that we are to be thankful for EVERYTHING in our lives. How can […]

Being a Liberal Makes You Psychotic? // Struggles of Being a Dad | The 306 Podcast S02E05

Being a Liberal Makes You Psychotic? // Struggles of Being a Dad So this week has been a cluster of a week. I’ve been sick, my son has been sick, winter weather is here and being Liberal makes you more psychotic… All this and more on this episode of The 306 Podcast. Catch up on […]

Building A New Podcast Studio | The 306 Podcast | s02e01

Building our new podcast studio I’m really excited to launch season 2 of The 306 Podcast! As part of launching the new season, I wanted to build a new studio to make the podcast look better. In this episode, I talk about my thoughts behind the new design as well as some problems we ran […]

Leaving a Legacy [Season 1 Finale] | The 306 Podcast S01E30

How to leave a legacy for the next generation What kind of legacy are you trying to leave? Why are you wanting to leave a legacy in the first place? In this episode of The 306 Podcast Scott shares his thoughts on legacies. Catch up on some other podcasts: ☞ Become a local! Connect […]

Make the most of a bad situation | The 306 Podcast S01E27

Make the Most of a Bad Situation I’m back from Texas and getting ready to leave for a beach vacation with my wife and two boys. My boys have been begging for a beach vacation for over a year now. When we told them this spring we were going to the beach, they have asked […]

Make the Most of Your Vacation | The 306 Podcast S01E26

How to Make the Most of Your Vacation Have you ever needed a vacation? I did. I felt so worn out and lacking creativity. My wife and I have been working a lot lately and really needed some time to reconnect. Thankfully, we had that opportunity this week and I’ll share just what we did […]

I Can’t Lead Without My Wife | The 306 Podcast S01E25

I Can’t Lead Without My Wife As my wife is away this week at a conference in Dallas, Texas, I’m at home running my two businesses, maintaining the house and caring for our two boys. During the past few days, I’ve come to realize just how important and dependent I am on my wife’s leadership […]

My Life is Chaos | The 306 Podcast S01E24

My Life is Chaos These last few weeks have been absolute chaos. Good and bad.  I’m learning how to get through the chaos and even thrive through it. It’s not easy, but it’s possible. I share what I’m learning and doing this week on The 306 Podcast. Become a local and connect with us on […]

Why Waiting Works | The 306 Podcast S01E17

Why Waiting Works by Rob Kowalski Today’s culture is doing a pretty crappy job at raising up our next generation of leaders. In fact, it’s doing quite the opposite. This is especially true as culture is trying to tell people that sex before marriage is perfectly fine. In fact, it’s encouraged. Luckily, Rob Kowalski is […]