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Thanksgiving. What Am I Thankful For? // Conviction 05

Do you have anything to be thankful for? How to be Thankful on Thanksgiving. It can be something we easily overlook. I mean, there is food, family, friends and football so what else is there to be thankful for? I would argue that we are to be thankful for EVERYTHING in our lives. How can […]

Is Jesus the ONLY way? // The Bible is REALLY Offensive // Conviction 04

Is Jesus the ONLY way to Heaven? We have been talking about reasons why the Bible can come across as really offensive. We’ve already talked about our sinful, evil natures and the fact that we are called to repent. This week we tackle a big topic. Is Jesus the ONLY way to heaven or eternal […]

Why Do I Need to Repent? (part 2 The Bible is Really Offensive) // Conviction [lovelocal]

Why Do Christians Need to Repent? Why do I need to repent? In part two of our series, “The Bible is Really Offensive”, I wanted to explore the idea behind the thought, Followers of Jesus need to repent. I mean, I know when we come to Christ, we need to repent, but why should we […]

The Bible is REALLY offensive [part 1] // Conviction 02

The Bible is REALLY offensive [part 1] If you’ve done any reading in the Bible, you’ve probably come to a passage where you’ve thought to yourself, “I don’t know if I like what that says.” I mean, I’ve done this too… a lot. Because of this, I wanted to put together a short series on […]

How to Overcome Shame | The 306 Podcast S01E28

Overcome Shame Shame, regret & embarrassment are major issues that leaders face both personally and with individuals they are leading. How do you effectively lead them and help them overcome that shame? Pastor Micah Marshall of Refuge Youth Network joins Scott this week to provide some solutions and what effects our communities would have if […]

Talking About Grace and Shame // Grace Students Podcast // 02

What do Christians mean when they talk about ‘grace’ and ‘shame’? Scott and Bryan talk about what they are and how we should respond.