Welcome to the Neighborhood!

What is #loveLocal?

There are three areas of life we spend our time focusing on. Life. Business. FaithHere at #loveLocal, we are committed to creating content that serves you in those areas of life.

Currently, we believe we can best walk along with you through podcasts and short video series. Right now, we have four projects we are working on: The 306 Podcast,Conviction, Grace Students Podcast and Thought Spot. Each of these projects focus on different areas of our life and look to provide some helpful action steps in order to live your life with the purpose God intended for you. We want our content to be able to move with you and fit into your life.

Who is #loveLocal for?

This seems like a really broad question. Everyone, right? The content we are producing at #loveLocal is focused on people looking to change. People looking to improve their personal, professional and spiritual life.

I don’t want to mislead you. We don’t have all the answers, but we have learned some really valuable lessons in life. Our hope is that you will partner with us and help us make the best content we possibly can. We ask for patience as we find the right ways to communicate and release our content. What are topics you would like to see us cover?

What Are We Doing?

As we mentioned, we are producing four different video projects.

The 306 Podcast ▶︎ This podcast looks into what makes us happy in our personal life. How do we have meaningful relationships? How do we enjoy life outside of work?

Conviction ▶︎ These short videos dive into what following Jesus looks like on a day by day basis. We explore truths about God and answer questions about faith and the Bible.

Grace Students Podcast ▶︎ Pastor Bryan Kurty and Scott team up to present ‘Grace Students Podcast’ which helps parents equip their students to live normal ordinary lives with significant gospel intentionality.

Thought Spot ▶︎ So many people long to start a business of their own. So many people have a talent to create a product or service. They just have one problem. How do they start? They know how to do something or make something, but might not know how to make a business out of it. This series looks to provide those answers for you.

YouTube ▶︎ We would love for you to subscribe to our YouTube channel and click the bell so you get notified when we upload new content!

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